Tollywood actor caught in drug case

Abhishek and two Nigerians are among six arrested in drug smuggling case in Hyderabad. A Nigerian, James, came to Mumbai from South Africa, in 2011 in the name of garment business.

Actor Abhishek Arrested
Actor Abhishek Arrested

He started a drugs racket with his nephew, Jack Owen. After that their business spread to Hyderabad, with James making frequent trips to and fro South Africa. They roped in Abhishek, who took cocaine and started introducing it to his friends.

Hyderabad South and West Zone police got wind of the racket and arrested six members, besides seizing 370 gms of drugs, cell phones, vehicles and cash from them.

Abhishek has earlier appeared in Danger and Nuvvosthante Nenu Oddantana.

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