Tollywood Actor Arrested in Jayram’s Murder Case

Renowned industrialist and NRI Chigurupati Jayram’s Murder case is currently the trending case in the Telugu states. The cops at Jubilee Hills PS are personally taking care of this case. After a series of events, the cops carried out investigations and finally arrested three more persons.

Comedian Surya Prasad Arrested
Comedian Surya Prasad Arrested

As per the details, film actor Surya Prasad, Kishore and Anji Reddy who hails from Siricilla were taken into custody. Even though he was aware of this murder, Anji Reddy failed to inform the same to the cops and based on the same, he was taken into the custody by the cops. The cops felt Surya and Kishore indirectly co-operated for the murder because of which they were taken into the custody.

The cops are planning to introduce them to the media tomorrow.

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