No Friends & No Foes in Tollywood


Tollywood is truly a free-for-all rat race rink. There are neither permanent friends nor life-long enemies in this Film-world. There was a hue and cry on the semantics of legend and celebrity during the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of Telugu Cinema. The bone of contention was who should be honored with what. Tempers flew like burning embers among the self-styled pillars of the industry. It was said that some members stooped down to hurl the choicest epithets against one another. Two such big-wigs were K.S.Rama Rao and Mohan Babu. The verbal exchange between them was so fierce that the onlookers assumed that these two would never see eye to eye in their life times.

As in movie scenes, so in movie-land ! Lo and behold ! Mohan Babu, in recent days, is full of praise for K.S.Rama Rao. A little bird sings that the latter holds the remake rights of  Bunty aur Bubly and Mohan Babu is now contemplating a movie with his son, the story of which is inspired by the Abhishek Bachchan and Rani Mukherjee super hit. So, there is no alternative for Mohan Babu but to be chummy with the rights holder.

When the issue concerned is about raking in moolah, friendships blossom. No more foes. Everything is fair in love, war and business.  Wah, Tollywood !

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