Tiger Zinda Hai Review

Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

Movie Name Tiger Zinda Hai
Movie Rating 3/5
Movie Cast Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif
Director Ali Abbas Zafar
Music Director Julius Packiam, Vishal–Shekhar
Production Company Yash Raj Films
Release Date December 22, 2017

Coming nearly after 5 and a half years after the first installment, Tiger Zinda Hai doesn’t have the original director Kabir khan. Instead its helmed by the Sultan director Abbas Ali Zafar, probably given to him after the stupendous success of Sultan. Is the sequel as good as EkThaTiger?. The answer is both yes and a no.

Salman and Katrina in Tiger Zinda Hai
Salman and Katrina in Tiger Zinda Hai

Tiger (Salman Khan) and Zoya (Katrina Kaif) are living their civil life somewhere in Austria. So, this is a continuation of the original story. Tiger gets a call about his requirement in Iraq. A mission only he can nail (obviously). Around 40 nurses, belonging to India and Pakistan have been abducted and Tiger needs to rescue them. Tiger along with Zoya faces the militants with very minimal weapons and yet achieve the target with their grit and wit.

Well, that’s what the story is all about. The movie is more about the presentation and the visuals than the story which EkTha Tiger scored better. Having said that, Tiger Zinda Hai has a lot of merits to compensate its drawbacks. Firstly, the action choreography is top-notch. What else do you expect from the people who have choregraphed the fights in movies like Dark Knight. Action lovers would probably experience a high adrenaline. Moreover, with Salman’s beefed up body and the image, they all are carried along well. Of course, it does get tedious after some time, but nevertheless, the action scenes are the biggest highlights of the movie. The movie also packs some humor in between and works. Paresh Rawal and Kumud Mishra do their parts well too.

Salman Khan does a lot of dialoguebaazi which will appear only to a section of the audience. There are some dialogues by others which try to elevate the already elevated heroism, making it look unintentionally funny. There’s a Salman signature in all the scenes and dialogues in the film. Katrina looks impressive doing her stunts, but when it comes to the rest of the parts, she is boring. She hardly offers anything else.

Tiger Zinda Hai Movie Poster
Tiger Zinda Hai Movie Poster

The story is utterly predictable and lacks any interesting twists in the plot. It’s easy to foresee what’s gonna happen next. The suspension of belief is too far-fetched in some scenes. Yes, we know its Salman Khan, and we need to turn a blind eye to logic. But in some scenes, its impossible to overlook some ridiculously written scenes, where Bhai seems more magic than God.Lot of preaching also happens about the Indo-Pak love which could have been avoided and rather shown subtly using screenplay. The spoon-feeding does harm the effectiveness of humanity angle that the movie tried to portray.

The movie gets tiring , if one is not a fan of action genre and especially if you cannot digest overtly projected heroism. Otherwise, the sequel is a watchable fare.

It lacks the emotion and story depth of EkThaTiger , but there is a high-octane and high-adrenaline action visuals that will makes the sequel Zinda till the end.

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