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Sundeep Kishan is ready to enthrall the audience with his new movie “ Tiger” which has hit the silver screen worldwide. The movie is directed by Vi Anand and is jointly produced by N.V Prasad and Tagore Madhu. Along with Sudeep Kishan and Seerat kapoor , Rahul Ravindran and Sapthagiri are playing key roles.

Tiger Film Poster
Tiger Film Poster


The movie is action and romance based movie. The movie opens up showing Sundeep Kishan (Jai) and Rahul Ravindran (Vishnu) the two orphans becoming friends in an orphanage. The love which Jai has for Vishnu becomes a headache for Vishnu. The two get separated for years when Vishnu gets adopted. But the fate has something else planned for both. In 2009, Ganga (Seerat Kapoor) visits Hyderabad for Yantrika Festival In Geethanjali College Of Engineering and everyone thinks of her as Vishnu’s lover and after all confusion the duo fall in love and Ganga settles in Hyderabad. But the village head at Kasi decides to kill them because for them inter caste marriage is a contravene as per their laws. That’s when Tiger a.k.a jai gets the news and comes as a savior. The rest of the story is all about how it comes to a happy ending.


Sundeep, Seerat and Rahul in Tiger
Sundeep, Seerat and Rahul in Tiger

The movie is an action entertainer and along with it the movie promises to have also love and romance. Seerat Kapoor who already proved herself in the movie “Run Raja Run” and Sundeep Kishan who tasted success in “Beeruva” movie gave their best efforts . Rahul Ravindran also proved himself as a good actor. The comedy line of the movie went well. Thaman gave good music to the movie and the music has already got a good response from the people.


The story line of the movie is average. The second half of the movie lacks pace and the movie concludes with some instructive lines and forced apprehension sequences. Chemistry between the lead roles was below average.

Cinematography: The story is set in the banks of River Ganga and the story of the film is wafer thin. The cinematography of the movie is good. . The visual of the movie from Rajahmundry to Benares is beautiful and that is a hit mark for the movie.


The movie has its moments of friendship, love, action but it’s like a blotch of painting on abstract art. The story of the movie is a blur. All in the entire movie is not a bore but at the same time the movie lacks fire to keep you seated till the end.

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