Thuppaki Review

Rating: 2.50/5

Critic Rating: (2.50/5)

The young and spirited Jagadish (Vijay), working as a Captain in the Indian Army, is on a well deserved break. Back home, after a bang on Superstar entrance, he is rushed immediately, to select a bride. Nisha (Kajal) the girl Jagadish and his family go to see, turns out, extremely traditional for his taste. He rejects her.

Hanging out with one of his buddy, who happens to be a police inspector, on his rounds to a women’s college, another chance
meeting with Nisha, turns out to be an interesting one. She is not, what he thinks, she is. She is a boxer; she can knock em out in a punch. This makes him instantly fall for her. This is just not the only surprise, Turns out; our guy is a spy working on his own. After catching hold of a terrorist, he links the guys responsible for a bomb blast on a bus, Takes them out, as cool as a cucumber, it’s that easy.

After torturing the terrorist, he further finds out there is a huge plot to bomb 12 places in Mumbai. Our hero lives in Mumbai for a change. He foils that, taking out those twelve guys ready to bomb. He further explains to his cop buddy, that killing them was the solution, because, they are “Sleeper cells”, who are brain washed, mixed and living among people as common men doing common jobs, they don’t know anything about, who plans what and just are used as human-bombs.

This angers the master-mind who plans these attacks, as he is got a brother killed among the twelve terrorists. This brings him down to Mumbai and here begins a Cat and Mouse chase of who gets who.

Murugadoss, writes his scripts, like an amateur, this looks like it is written by reading excessive newspapers and watching a few American movies, and bottom level research or you can say no research at all. This take on terrorism happens to be one of the most amateurish understanding of how terrorism really works. Still, you come out a Patriot, hating Muslims. This sure is

Vijay looks handsome and the script could not pack enough punch to see Vijay act. Kajal doesn’t look out of place surprisingly. The terrorists are Supermodels, out of job probably. Sreekar Prasad and Santosh Sivan do their job well as usual. The music is forgettable.

You go in and come out a Patriot kind.

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