Threat to Anansuya from Rashmi!


“Jabardasth” fame anchors Rashmi and Anasuya are now the leading glam dolls in small screen. Without much effort, these beauties are catching the eyes of audience with their glamour on screen. Adding to this, their talkative style too impressed audience to the core.

Slowly demand started increasing for Rashmi as well as for Anasuya. Soon after Anasuya left “Jabardasth”, Rashmi took the charge and raised her fan followers. She is now having almost 10 lakh followers in social media sites. It seems that this rate is getting double for almost an year. Reports stated that this anchors fan base is far ahead of few top rated South Indian actresses.

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Interestingly, Reshmi’s fan following is affecting the fan base of Anasuya. With the current “Jabardasth” episodes, Rashmi’s fan following is moving on exponential increase while this turned out to be a threat for Anasuya. This lady is not getting much response from the other shows and hence the fans of Anasuya shifted their focus towards Rashmi.

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