They don’t want me to succeed in Bollywood – Tamanna

Yes that’s what she thinks, and before you ask, by ‘they’ she means the unknown entities who are trying to spread baseless rumors about her! The fair and gorgeous Ms Bhatia recently made her entry into Bollywood with her upcoming multi starrer movie Hamshakals, and the Akshay Kumar comedy flick It’s Entertainment, and it seems the rumor mill has been targeting her in particular since then – suspicious? Well, the actress sure feels it is.


And she thinks she knows why – “They’re trying to stop my growth in Bollywood,” says the actress who has been trying her best to gain a foothold in the much more competitive Hindi film industry.

A bit paranoid? Maybe.. but she is sticking with her decision and there are reports which indicate that she is turning down many great offers from regional industries to focus on her new goal.

Though she hasn’t completely changed her image or ‘brand’ completely like Ileana D’ cruz, who changed her tunes on liplocks and wearing two piece bikinis on screen, the actress does seem to be aiming for the sensual and steamy factor with more glamorous choices.

Is her resolve to not compromise her principles by using sex appeal as a primary marketing ploy holding her back? That’s a question best left for the audiences to answer – her latest photoshoot, which featured her, quite tastefully and fashionably in a bikini top attire, did not get much of a positive response.

However, the quick succession of rumors which have her dating Bollywood director Sajid Khan and also the claims that she has problems getting along with Humshakals co star Bipasha Basu on the sets, are the ones that have the actress convinced of motivated entities.

“Please do not encourage the spreading of such false news about me, “ Tamanna pleads to the media but also adds quite indignantly, “I know very well how to deal with such gossip mongers.”

In the end, her fate lies in the hands of the audiences, who will make sure she ‘grows’ in the industry the ways she dreams of or if she will be forced to make different decisions. And also, the PR gurus have always said – any publicity is good publicity…

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