Theen maar movie review

Rating: 3.00/5

Critic Rating: (3.00/5)

It is
A worthy remake that pays its respects to the original.

The screenplay moves parallelly in two generations. One is that of Michael Velayudham in Cape Town and the other is of Arjun Palwan in Varanasi. Both of which are played by Pawan Kalyan.

The conflicting ideas of these two characters from different generations become the central point of conflict in the film. Michael is a chef who woos women with his Italian and is hardly a believer in the institution of marriage. Arjun is a college rebel from the 80s who would put everything on the line for his lady.

The screenplay parallelly intersects whenever an issue’s at conflict. When does Michael realize his love for Meera (Trisha) and does Arjun succeed in winning the hand of his lady?

What’s good?
This is one remake which has its brain intact and doesn’t over do the original writing in the name of Telugising it.
The cinematography (Jayanan Vincent) was neat and the money spent on the sets seemed worthy. Art direction to look forward to and the music with smart choreography supporting it was catchy on almost all occasions.

The best part of the process was the inclusion of Trivikram to make those minor changes to the screenplay and add his signature wit to the film. A screenplay as intelligent as ‘Love AajKal’ needs a writer who can understand the dynamics of writing to retain the soul of it.

Why might this fail at the box office?
This is a sort of screenplay which is now working at the Hindi cinemas. The basic ingredients such as the sexual attitudes are now okay with the crowd up north, but, cannot guarantee a box office hit down here (mainly owing to the difference in the number of multiplex movie goers).

It might just work out, it might just not.

Even though many of Pawan Kalyan’s recent films hadn’t worked wonders with the returns, his screen presence and the grace with which he rises to situations, be it simple or intense had never been questioned. A few greatly over done action sequences were questioned and he takes care of that pretty well in this one. He’s the rare ‘actor/mass entertainer’ combo.
Trisha was looking at her best in a lot of years and she can act if asked. Kriti Kharbanda is the female lead of the 80s episode and she did have a presence that counts though she hadn’t got much to do, but, be happy or shocked by the situation.

This is a film that had involved all the actors, writers and technicians in a good way. Giving it a try wouldn’t hurt.


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