The new sensation in the T-Town-Yedu Chepala Katha

The teaser of “Yedu Chepala Katha” (The story of seven fish) is the latest hot topic in the Telugu States. Especially it charged Telugu youth all over the world. Some of the dialogues in the teaser teased everyone ‘Wait for five minutes…it is uploading to YouTube’, ‘#MeToo’, ‘I will complain to my mother’ (all dialogued are translated to English)

Yedu Chepala Katha
Yedu Chepala Katha

The impact it created in the YouTube is not an ordinary one. The teaser was viewed more than 20 million times (all channel count). It is indeed a huge record for any Telugu cinema.

Not only in Telugu, but the Tamil version of this teaser was also released. Nonetheless, to say, Tamil teaser also pinched youth in that state. One more rare record all views it gained are organic views.

Many women came forward and accused many men for sexual harassment through ‘#MeToo’ campaign. But here in this film, a young man “Ravi” (the protagonist in the movie) will surprise you as “Tempt Ravi”

He gained a different kind of stardom in the social media for his appearance and characterization in the teaser. Yedu Chepala Katha is an adult comedy with different characters. The main cast in the film includes Abhishek Reddy, Bigg Boss-2 fame Bhanu Sri, Ayesha Singh, Ngaram Sunil etc.

GVN and Shekar Reddy producing this film in the name of Dr.Rakesh Reddy on Charitha Arts banner. While addressing a press meet, producers told that This adult comedy zoner film will feature all new actors and the response to the teaser was humongous. This kind of teaser was never released in Telugu and we got appreciated by the critics for the bold attempt. The director, Shyam J Chaithanya put his tremendous efforts to make this new concept into a different romantic entertainer. Yedu Chepala Katha is an out and out entertainer. The director will be remembered for his bold attempt and for his talents.

The producers also said that they will announce sensational updates soon.

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