The ‘Murder 2’ Nightmare

Showing intimate scenes on the big screen is not taboo in Bollywood any more and filmmakers often include a good dose of it. But director Mohit Suri says shooting bedroom scenes can be a nightmare.

Mohit, who has directed the upcoming thriller ‘Murder 2’, a sequel to the 2004 hit film ‘Murder’, has shot a few intimate scenes with the lead pair Emraan Hashmi and Jacqueline Fernandez.

"Intimate scenes are the most difficult to shoot because there the director cannot show the actors what to do. You have to let the actors be and let them do their own thing," the 30-year-old director said.

"Although a lot of people say it’s very easy to shoot for physically intimate scenes and it’s fun… that’s all untrue because it is no fun. It’s a very uncomfortable situation. It’s very difficult to shoot, even for the cameraman, because you don’t know in which direction the actor will go. Lighting is also an issue. You have to keep so many things in mind," he added.

In order to make both Emraan and Jacqueline comfortable during the shots, Mohit kept the intimate scenes for the last schedule.

"I shot all the intimate scenes in the end purposely so that Emraan and Jacqueline get to know each other and got that trust and faith in each other before. You can’t ask two people on the first day to do intimate scenes. It’s difficult.

"It’s important that the actors have a rapport before they do such scenes," said Mohit who is not new on the job – he has films like ‘Zehar’, ‘Kalyug’, ‘Woh Lamhe’ and ‘Crook’ that have bold scenes.

Released in 2004, director Anurag Basu’s ‘Murder’ was one of the few films of that year to have bold content and Mohit reveals that the sequel will also have a heavy dose of the same because that is the requirement of the story.

"If you are showing an illegitimate relationship in a film, it’s unfair to show it with two flowers. Emraan and Jacqueline are friends. They are people who are not in love but who are intimate. So you can’t show that relationship by showing them holding hands and singing songs in parks," said Mohit.

"But we have not pushed sexual content into the film to grab eyeballs. It was incorporated because it was required," he added.

"Sex in films is always used for titillation. If anyone says that they are using it artistically, they are lying. There is no such thing. But even a song is there for titillation. If you see a good song, it excites you. If you see a good action sequence, it thrills you. If you see a good dance number, it entertains you. So everything is for titillation.

"We are in a business of exciting people. It’s not for artistic reality," said Mohit, who is filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt’s nephew.

‘Murder 2’, which has been produced under the banner of Vishesh Films, is slated to hit screens July 8.(IANS)

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