The Corporator – Che Guevara Naidu | Telugu Comedy Short Film 2021 | Aadhan Originals

Viva Team is back with The Corporator – Che Guevara Naidu. When elections are around us, prosperity and generosity surround us like the water in Hyderabad houses in the rainy season. Meet our corporator, Che Guevara Naidu, whose heart is wider than the World Bank, putting all the isms together to woo is potential voters. Cheers!! Cast in the order of appearance: Raghav, Nellore Neeraja, Soujanya, Suhas, Hashmi, Satish Saripelli, Lohith. Writer: Akash Ramu Director: James Mani Creative Director: Subbu K ( Director of Software Developer and Surya Web Series) #TheCorporator #VivaRaghav #AadhanOriginals

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