Thank You Review!

Anees Bazmee’s last film No Problem ended with a Gorilla letting out a gargantuan fart. So as I walked into Thank You, I figured, things can only go uphill from there. But clearly I underestimated Bazmee’s capacity for creating witless, soul-sucking cinema.

Thank You is almost in the same league as No Problem. I say almost because Irrfan, who plays the domineering, philandering husband Vikram, brings a sliver of dignity and fun into the proceedings.

Like his earlier blockbuster No Entry, Thank You is about three friends – Vikram, Raj, played by Bobby Deol and Yogi played by Suneil Shetty – who can’t keep their trousers on. They cheat at every given opportunity. So their wives enlist the help of Kishan, a private detective played by Akshay Kumar, who only complicates matters by developing a serious crush on Raj’s wife Sanjana, played by Sonam Kapoor.

This threadbare plot is an excuse for moronic gags, desperate hamming, a sleazy display of flesh and endless cringe-inducing dialogue like: mard ka nature hai ki bacche apne ache lagte hain aur biwiyan auron ki.

Thank You is an equal opportunity offender. So the men are boorish, infantile and perpetually in heat while the women are simpering dodos who continue to do Karva Chauth for their offensive husbands. But Bazmee, and the four writers who have co-written this drivel with him, want to have their cake and eat it too. So, the film ends with a speech on the importance of wives and why husbands should be better behaved. Which is perhaps what prompted Irrfan to say in an interview that Thank You is a tribute to housewives and will boost the female ego.

I can assure you that my ego was not boosted. In fact my brains were battered to pulp and my eardrums are still recovering from Pritam’s cacophonous sound-track.(NDTV)

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