Thala Ajith’s salary revealed!

Thala Ajithkumar is one of the biggest stars in Kollywood and it is no surprise that he earns the really big bucks for his work, but what’s astonishing is how transparent he is about his dealings – especially financial ones.


Reports indicate that the superstar received a pay package of Rs 40 crores for the Gautham Menon film he is currently working on! Now, that is impressive! But the honest man that he is he has accepted his payment in the form of a cheque for the amount – meaning he is not looking to evade the income tax department.

Like an good citizen, Ajith is known for his straightforward behaviour and abidance to the standards of law. In fact, not just that, the actor is also very well aware of his civic duties, and is very active in the social reform and charity spheres.

As always he paid his income tax due, from his earnings for Thala 55, which came up to a whopping Rs 12 crores, and only then took home the rest of the Rs 28 crores. Sources say the actor will be making around Rs 50 crores for his next flick!

One has got to say Kudos to Thala for his attitude towards life… may he set an excellent example for his peers and the millions of fans who hang on every word of his.

Even though he is a beloved idol of millions, he stands in the queue like every man to put his vote in the ballot at every election, does charity without seeking publicity for it, obeys the law and is a content family man.. There are not many celebs who can tick all those boxes.

Thala 55 shooting is progressing quickly and quietly in different locales of Chennai. The film stars Ajith, Trisha Krishnan and Anushka Shetty in the lead roles. Harris Jayaraj is composing the melodies.

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