Thala Ajith and Thalapathy Vijay in Mankatha 2?

Seems unlikely? After all, how many such rumours have we heard over the years but this time, the rumour hasn’t been started by fan or a magazine – no, it’s straight from the film fraternity!


J Anbazhagan and his company Anbu Pictures, who were instrumental in bringing out the long overdue project Aadhi Bhagavan to the fans last year, are the source of this crazy news! Though they haven’t been that involved with the mainstream Kollywood projects since Aadhi Bhagavan, Anbazhagan has always made it a point to keep in touch with the fans and the film world through Twitter and other social media.

And in fact, it is via Twitter that Anbazhagan let the fans know of this ‘dream project’ of his. He says he wants to make a huge, big budget, mass entertainer of a project soon and he envisions Mankatha 2 as the perfect platform for it.

Not just that, he wants the movie to star not just Thala Ajith, but Thalapathy Vijay as well! Really, at this point even the fans had to ask the man if this was in any way possible. After all, though they are colleagues and respectful of each other in real life, the Thala – Thalapathy fan bases are always trying to one up each other with their idols.

Who could bring these two superstars together in one project and to share screen space together – these days that is, they have done it in the past..

But a confident or maybe just playfully cruel Anbazhagan keeps re affirming the possibility and assures the fans that it is indeed possible and he is the man to make it happen.

If it does happen, it’s going to be by and far one of the most anticipated movies in recent years and we will have J Anbazhagan to thank for it. So, fingers crossed..

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