Thala Ajith built free houses for staff?!

The rumour mills are buzzing with this news, and if true, hats off to Thala Ajith for just the sheer generosity and good will. Yes, it seems the actor has ‘gifted’ houses to his staff members who have been with him for a long time!!


The driver, maid, housekeeper, gardener and other such valuable members of the superstar’s help are supposedly getting one free house each, and again, if rumours are to be believed in this case, he has built 10 such houses!

Not only are they gifts from the kind soul that is Ajith, they are fully furnished and in ‘ready to move in’ condition, and the house warming ceremonies will be held as soon as the actor get backs from Malaysia.

However, surprisingly, this is not the whole interesting bit about this – it is that Ajith actually wanted to keep the whole thing under wraps, and not be put up in the media for public consumption. You heard it right folks – he does not want any recognition for his actions and actually prefers to do it as quietly as possible; in short, a man who believes that charity should be for charity’s sake and not for personal gain of any kind including praise or glory.

But like in any other case, the people who do receive such help from him find it hard not to talk about it and especially to refrain from showing the world what a warm, wonderful person he can be.

Not that Thala needs any more ‘attention’ drawn to him but kudos to you sir for your truly astonishing and giving spirit, and for your attitude towards those who are loyal to you, in whatever capacity it may be.

It becomes hard not to remember and quote Ajith’s own line in Veeram – “If we look after those who are below us, the One who sits above will look after us.”

It is indeed easy to see why Ajith is among the most respected of the stars in the industry and why many have only admiration for him as an actor and as a human being.

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