Tevar Movie Review

Rating: 1.5/5

Critic Rating: (1.5/5)

Tevar Movie Review: Overrated and extra commercial saga of repertoire

When ‘Superman-Salman Ka Fan’ Pintu (Arjun Kapoor) went on a stride to save a Mathura ki Radhika (Sonakshi Sinha), little did he know that it will take an eternity, for a movie-goer to get to see their story. Tevar has a lot of Tevar and after seeing it, people (like me and others) will show their ‘Tevar’ of not giving a damn about the movie.

The year began with a Pot-Boiler, which boils not only your money, but even your temper. The two and half hour cinematic boredom has no curing! All you can do is anything but watch the movie. The Agra ka chora and Mathura is chori, have nothing new to offer. The only newness is in terms of cinematography and a lil flaunting of Tevars here and there.

The film is summed up in the rescue mission Pintu adopts to free the girl, fleeing from the clutches of a Bahubali Gajendar Singh. He doesn’t know the girl but still helps her. Ok! That is humanity! But other than that, we are just left to witness, how well Arjun Kapoor fist-fights, and flies and beats the hell out of his attackers, despite them being in huge numbers than him. That’s one man show!

Star Performances:

Arjun Kapoor as Pintu, is that carefree guy, who picks up fights now and then. He does some good work while teaching eve-teasers a lesson, but goes a notch higher when he helps the girl in fleeing from a man who presses too desperately in marrying a girl he has laid his eyes upon. Amidst the gundas, he is the good gunda. In terms of acting, Arjun has stepped into the character and does everything with attitude. At times you’ll be wondering, are we in the Ishaqzaade plot, where he runs with Parineeti in his tow. But then when you take a closer look, you’ll spot Sonakshi and not Pari.

Sonakshi Sinha, as Radhika, a girl who is running away from the man with political powers and freely exercising Gunda-raj, is that girl from the interiors of India, aptly pulled. Yes! There are many girls who are faced with such atrocities and have no say. What I couldn’t get was, if she is an educated girl, why didn’t she take a stand and raise her voice, rather than just running away to US.

Manoj Bajpayee is a show-stealer in the film. He is that bad guy who overshadows the hero. He portrays a bad guy and he has done full-justice to the role. Acting-wise he that to be that jerk who sees no left and right, and misuses his powers. And Manoj did a brilliant job.

In their small roles too, Raj Babbar and Deepti Naval did a fine job.


In terms of direction, Amit Sharma has had a decent outing. He followed the script and delivered a packaged masala film, with too much absurdity. If absurdity is the main ingredient for commercial cinema, then in Tevar it is in excessive quantities. The story falls weak and the duration of the plot doesn’t go down well with me, or anyone for that matter. It is just too long!

The story is by Gunasekhar and has been re-invented so many times. Umm! Tevar is actually the remake of a Telegu blockbuster, Okkadu. And it has been made in Tamil by the name Ghilli, Kannada by the name Ajay and in Bengali by the name Jor. Now, I have this question, if it was already made in so many languages and with so many stars, why weren’t we just showed the dubbed version of any? How many times do the audiences need to watch the same content?
Music is by Sajid-Wajid and Imran Khan, with background score being by Clinton Cerejo. With tracks even unevenly placed, songs like Superman, Madamyian, Radha nachegi bring the rustic flavor on the forefront. For romantic lovers, Joganiyan is the track. The chases have a similar background score which the makers think would have piqued our interests. But it just didn’t!

Watch or Not:

If you love commercial cinema with all that it brings on screen, for example, flying men, blowing cars, revving bike chases, fleeing guy and girl, nonsensical dance numbers, clichéd storyline, villain falls for the girl- hero rescues her, villain beats the shit out of the hero- but hero stands on his two feet after a life-threatening wound and fights back, and etc, you might like Tevar. But for those who seek cinematic reverie after watching a movie, it isn’t for you folks. Tevar is highly overrated and a saga of repertoire with extra commercial content. Strictly for masala lovers, who love extra spice in their movies!

Thumbs Up: Cinematography

Thumbs down: Oh, I don’t know how to sum up

Yawns: Guaranteed

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