Teraa Surroor Movie Review – As bad as Aap Ka Suroor

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)

Tera Suroor with whatever number of ‘o’s and ‘r’s has released Today. Before anything else one must be inspired by the never-give-up attitude pf Himesh Reshammiya for making movies again and again irrespective of whether people accept him as an actor. He has gone to the extent of going lean and building a six pack. Alas, had he spent that efforts on learning acting, he wouldn’t be a struggling actor even after 8 years of the release of his first film Aapka Suroor.

Tera Suroor which proclaims as the sequel to Aap Ka Suroor is a romantic thriller. It is mainly the story of Raghu (Himesh Reshammiya) and Tara (Farah Karimaee) with lots of dose of twists and turns and foreign locales. Tara gets into jail in a drug smuggling case in Dublin. Raghu tries all his ways to try getting her out. In the process he meets Santino who is a professional in breaking out of jails. The story also has Shekar Kapur playing a part. The second half of the film deals mostly with the flashback of Raghu.

The first merit of the film is its music composed by Himesh himself and he hits the bull’s eye. For a change he has made someone else do a playback for him. The photography is also very good with the locales they have selected. Very lavish and a deserving cinematography. Dublin has been exploited to the core. There ends the good parts of the film. The movie is loaded with too many twists for the brain to log and eventually the twists become mundane. Action scenes were well choreographed though.

Performances wise, Himesh’s performance is as boring as before. He doesn’t show any sign of improving in his near future. Once again he makes us ponder why he has to struggle so much to become a ‘hero’ when he consistently delivers back to back chartbusters every year. Also the grapevine says he has three more movies signed down the line after Tera Suroor. So get ready to see the same sad face with minimal expressions for the next films. The lead actress Farah’s debut was not so impressive. She tried her oomph to a good enough extent but didn’t score any marks on the acting side.

The movie’s plot is nothing really engaging. It needed much more grooming at the scripting stage itself. Also wonder why greatest actors like Naseeruddin Shah agree to do movies like Jackpot and Tera Suroor. The movie also packs a lot of clichéd dialogues that one would make fun of. The drama also feels unwanted at some places.
On the whole the movie is for hardcore Himesh Reshammiya’s fans who don’t mind seeing the bland acting. Otherwise all the songs videos merged together would make a nice video and nothing more than that.

Tera Suroor is equally bad as Aap Ka Suroor and the music is as good as Aap Ka Suroor.

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