Tension started in Mega Family again!

Mega Family Tension

Mega Family is set to hit the screens again with series of top level flicks. This time, Varun Teja is set to enter the field along with his cousins and the Power Star. All the ventures are heavily hyped and hence tension started in the Mega Family.

“Gopala Gopala” is coming up with huge expectations and the tension is on for this flick, on the aspect of whether this venture will hit the marquee or not. “Mukunda” is set to launch Varun Teja into the industry and he is stated to be the most handsome star from this family. Hence, Mega Family is feeling a bit tensed for this flick.

Allu Arjun – Trivikram’s venture rights were sold at huge price tags and obviously, the tension too is on that level. “Rey” and few other ventures from Mega Family are set to test their luck. On an average, all the stars who are set to test their luck once again at the box office from Mega Family are now in tension phase.

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