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Temper Review: Nandamuri Family is enjoying the best phase in 2015. As Jr.NTR said, 2015 might be called as “Nandamuri Nama Samvathsaram”. The reason for this is that the flick of Kalyan Ram, “Pataas” turned to be a hit at the box office. If Jr.NTR’s “Temper” too achieves the same status, we can expect 2015 to be called as “Nandamuri Nama Samvathsaram”. Read on to know whether this flick got hit talk or not.


Police officer Daya (Jr.NTR) is one of the most corrupted officers in the department. He joins hands with few negative shaded people and will raise up the corruption levels. He gets transferred to Vizag and he moves ahead with Walter Vasu (Prakash Raj). The corruption will touch the peaks and in this instance, Daya’s girl (Kajal Agarwal) gets kidnapped by Walter Vasu. She is an innocent girl and loves animals. As Walter Vasu kidnapped an innocent girl and that too the girl friend of Daya, he gets completely furious. This turns Daya against Walter Vasu and the story takes complete turn. Several twists will be involved in this kidnap and several interesting topics will come out. “Will Daya turn into a sincere officer and will save his girl friend or will he again join Walter Vasu’s gang?” should be seen on the big screen.


Jr.NTR’s role is an interesting one. His body and the dialogues adds more entertainment to the flick. Puri Jaganath made it for sure that this flick will show Jr.NTR at his best. Climax episode too highlighted the characters well in the flick. As everything looked good on part of Jr.NTR, we can say that he did very good job on the silver screen. Dialogues, action, romance and entertainment were all in the right format.

Kajal Agarwal too was given a pivoted role, which is quite attached to the story. Unlike few flicks, which used heroines only to run the romantic episode, Puri made it for sure that Kajal’s role gets attached completely to the story, apart from glamour show. This made Kajal look good and perfect beside Jr.NTR.

Prakash Raj, Posani, Madhurima were all fine in their roles. Good impact was seen by these roles on the silver screen. Sonia Agarwal’s role could have been much better. She could have been utilized further to create more entertainment on the silver screen.


Puri Jaganath pumped soul into the flick by creating an interesting story. Even though few sequences looked predictable, Puri Jaganath compensated it with the dialogues and the body of Jr.NTR. He included all the ingredients in the right manner and this made the flick look absolutely perfect. First half was a bit dull but the second half and the climax looked good.

Choreography, dialogues, songs and editing department are on the above average line. It will be a treat for Nandamuri fans as Jr.NTR looked good in all the above mentioned departments. Production values too were fine.


Finally, this flick can be called as a hit flick in the list of Jr.NTR. After long time, Jr.NTR has delivered a good venture to his fans and Nandamuri audience may feel happy with the output of the flick. If things goes well, we can expect this flick to exude 50 Crores at the box office, clearing all the financial issues which were present inside the “Temper” team. Jr.NTR will be a happy man!

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