Telugu Young Music Composer Anurag Committed Suicide

The youth has become sensitive to a lot of issues and they are opting for suicide to put an end to all their struggles in life. Here is one incident.

Anurag Vineel
Anurag Vineel

Anurag Vineel, the budding music composer in Telugu film industry is found dead at his home by committing suicide. The young music composer lives in Mamatha Nagar near Nagole. Apparently, the sources reveal that he has become a drug addict in the recent times. There is also a talk that he is being harassed by some neighbors. Because of multiple reasons, he is said to have taken this decision.

The news about his death has come into the limelight almost a week after his death. Earlier, he has produced a lot of private music albums and did music for the short films. The complete details about his suicide incident will be out soon.

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