Telugu Anchor in Drugs Business!

Bangalore based Telugu anchor Ishika was cuught red-handedly in Drugs rocket on Yesterday.While the entire nation is gripped with Cricket fever, Tollywood is still choking with drugs and sex rackets.

Ishika is keeping herself busy by hosting a lot of programs for a reasonable remuneration. For all those close pals of this dusky hostess, it is well known that she smokes a lot. The other day, she is invited by some of her pals to a happening coffee lounge ‘… … *oom’. This western blended café had a chain of outlets in Hyderabad to serve the luxurious needs of its high profile customers. According to reports, at one such outlet, hookah and drugs are in abundant for ecstasy of some babus.


Our Ishika is said to be emptying packets of imported cigarettes before rounded up by the task force police on that fateful day. Though the police freed her after questioning, the incident came as a shock to many, including the anchor and they thanked God for the absence of Media.

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