Telangana panel hears unity sentiments

A day after witnessing an avalance of support for a separate Telangana in Mahbubnagar district, Srikrishna Committee members Abusaleh Shariff and Ravinder Kaur crossed the border to Kurnool district and heard an entirely different story.

Visiting thandas, villages, towns and colleges, the two asked people whether they want to keep the state united or bifurcated.

The answer was ‘no’, embellished with parables of a joint family.In Thadakanapally village, Ravinder Kaur stepped into the house of a self-help group member Zubeida and over affectionate servings of dhood peda, discussed the bifurcation question.

‘‘Kalisi vunte kaladhu sukham (there is comfort if one stays united),’’ said Zubeida. ‘‘If there are four sons in a family and all of them stay as one family, imagine the comfort. Similarly, if all the regions of the state live together, the whole state will prosper.’’ So Kaur asked if joint families were not disintegrating into nuclear families.

Zubeida had the answer ready: ‘‘We have lost the ability to nurture relationships.

If the state is united, resources from all the regions can be pooled in.’’ At the Silver Jubilee College in Kurnool, students aired fears that Hyderabad would turn into a terror hub should the state be divided. The committee members also received memoranda from locals.

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