Tejaswi Shocking Comments On Kaushal

After coming out of Bigg Boss house, the contestant Tejaswi Madiwada has conducted a live session on Facebook. She interacted with all her followers and spoke about her experience in the Bigg Boss house. Tejaswi made some sensational comments during the live session.

Kaushal and Tejaswi
Kaushal and Tejaswi

“I felt everyone in the house as my friend. When I came to know about their back talking, I was shocked. People voted for what they have seen but there is a lot more that happened in the house. I fumed on Kaushal and it was my mistake. Some people liked my attitude but some of them did not like it. I am not saying anything wrong against Kaushal but if you go and stay in the house with him, you will also understand my intention. I am not angry with Kaushal but the apology I tendered to him was not shown on the Television.” said Tejaswi.

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