Teja’s Hora Hori with Telangana Technicians!

Director Teja, who always follows the different path from others, has once again taken a different step in the film industry. Teja has created a new trend in TFI with his successful small budget films and he always encourage the new talents by roping them in his films. He also made a film with new faces recently but all his recently released films failed at box-office.

Director Teja New Movie Hora Hori
Director Teja’s New Movie Titled “Hora Hori”

Now once again he has taken a new step by roping almost 100 technicians for his new film titled “Hora Hori“. Now the twist in the news is that he roped all the cast and crew for the film from the newly established Telangana Film Employees Federation, so it means no one from Andhra working in this film. A debutant actors Dilip and Daksha playing the main lead roles in this romantic thriller movie.

So, who is working for this movie is a Telanganite. Teja gets a special place in the hearts of Telangana people with his act but we have to see how Andhra people will react on Teja’s sensational decision!!

The movie will be releasing in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana regions!!

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