Teenmaar’s another Record!

Pawan Kalyan’s much awaited and much expected film "Teenmaar" has created the records before its release. The movie is all set to hit the screens worldwide on April 14th with more than 1000 prints and the film will be screened in more than 1150 screens, which is going to be the biggest release in Tollywood film industry history.

Now the latest news is that the movie is going to be screened 30 times on its release day at Prasads IMAX in several screens. Prasads is screening 25 shows in five out of six screens and 5 more shows in the IMAX screen making it 30 shows on day one itself. This is going to be another record and it was not happened for any movie so far. Overall there are going to be 4000 shows on the first day itself.

Earlier Prasads has screened Pawan Kalyan’s Jalsa for 25 times, Puli for 21, Khaleja for 20, Brindavanam for 19, and the recently released Shakti for 18 times on its release day .If it happens now Teenmaar is going to set the new record.

All Pawan Kalyan fans are eagerly waiting for to watch the movie. But we have to wait and see the records after the movie releases.

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