Teenager selling virginity to pay fees!

LONDON: A female teenage university student is considering auctioning off her virginity so that she can pay her tuition fees for the next three years.

The student, who has not been named, posted a link on popular website, The Student Room, offering herself for sale in exchange for cash, saying that she needs the money as she comes from a poor family.

"Considering selling virginity," the Daily Mail quoted the post she had written on December 26 as stating.

"I’m a 1st year student at a good university. My family aren’t that well off and I’d like money to fund my studies/give me more opportunities/options in life," she stated.

She described herself as a "quite attractive" 18-year-old slim blonde, with a bust size of 32DD and "a pretty face".

"How much do you think I’d get? Also, would I be able to keep it quite quiet," the desperate teen added.

Her post attracted comments from 92 students, with many telling her not to do it, while others said she should expect a minimum of 2,000 pounds.

Her course, which is believed to be in the social sciences, will almost be over by the time the new 9,000-pounds-a-year fees come into effect next year.

The Student Room claims to be the "world’s largest online student community", which helps with personal and professional advice, study guides and various other educational tips.(ANI)

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