Teaser Analysis: Hrithik-Katrina in Bang Bang’s Official Teaser!


The smashing trailer of Bang Bang is here and we just can’t get enough of it. The official remake of Hollywood Blockbuster Knight and Day; which starred Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz; Bang Bang’s first teaser has a lot more than any regular action flick.

Why we love it? Read along to find out more.


Thrill: Starting from the very first frame, with ticking countdown, the trailer just grips all with its thrill quotient. Be it anything from car chases to flying bullets, the thrill factor adds more zeal to the trailer.

Music: The theme really catches our ears and the zippy lyrics can be picked up very quickly. “Are you ready to blow? It’s a yes or a no? Pull the trigger and Go! Bang Bang!” Though the intense background score might sound stereotypical, we are hoping the film has some really good music in store, given the theme song manages to impress us.

Action: Too much of action, but power-packed action. Yes! There are flying cars and almost everything flying, but the techniques shown till now are just looking clean and crisp. Be it the emerging from water sequence, car chase, bike chase, raging bullets. We do know the film is too high on action drama, but might just go easy on the eyes with this one.

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Katrina Kaif: Though the trailer is more about Hrithik and his Bang Bang with the bad guys, Firangi babe Katrina Kaif just looks mesmerizing in red and very sexy in the bikini. She even has her share of few stunts.

Hrithik Roshan: That man should be arrested for having that kind of jaw-dropping looks. Throughout the trailer, one thing I just can’t get my eyes off is Hrithik Roshan. The dapper actor is exuding sexiness in every move. Whatever the man is doing just looks downright sexy and amazing.

The film will be Indianized to meet the Indian benchmarks, and will also release in three languages –Hindi, Tamil and Telegu!

Watch: Bang Bang Movie Trailer

So this October 2nd, be ready for Bang Bang!

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