Tears of Nostalgia for Jagapathi Babu

Senior hero Jagapathi Babu might be busy with the number of projects coming his way from the Telugu and Tamil industry after acting as a stylish villain in the movie “Legend”. Even though, one can bury themselves in work, one cannot forget their memories from the childhood.

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Jagapthi Babu was blessed to be born into a family that had a star producer and he got the ticket to being a film star quite easily. With hit films like Nimmagadda Prasad got him the fame, his family went into unrecoverable debt despite his successful career. Eventually, Jagapathi Babu sold his gigantic bungalow in Jubilee Hills and moved to a three-bedroom apartment in Kukatpally.

Jagapathi Babu's Old House
Jagapathi Babu’s Old House

Even though he moved places, the memories of his old house stayed with him. Jagapathi Babu happened to pass his old house when he felt very nostalgic that he almost had tears in his eyes. Indeed, childhood is one thing that cannot come back!

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