TDP Wins in AP As Per Chanakya Survey 2019

It is known that April 11th is going to be the polling day in Andhra Pradesh and everyone are eager to know which party is going to come into the power this time. On this note, so many surveys regarding the same are coming up.


Recently, Corporate Chanakya survey about the elections has been grabbing the attention. As per the survey, TDP is going to win again this time and stay in the power. The survey revealed that out of 175 seats in the Assembly, TDP is going to occupy 101 seats, 71 seats will go to YCP where as only three seats will go for Janasena. The survey also stated that a TDP has equal support from all the areas whereas YCP has support from Central and North coastal regions. When 48.3 % of people in Andhra Pradesh want to see Chandrababu as CM again, 41.1% people are tending towards Jagan and only 6.4 % are showing interest in Janasena.

On the other hand the survey is claiming that Janasena is not going to get at least one seat from East Godavari district and is going to face a big failure.

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