TDP finds a right rival for Roja

It should be an acceptable fact that YSRCP MLA Roja is one of the powerful leaders in opposition party YSRCP for questioning TDP. Now the ruling party is keen on setting a perfect rival for Roja.

Roja and Manchu Lakshmi
Roja and Manchu Lakshmi

Nagari MLA Roja has been giving nightmares to TDP leaders in Assembly. None has been there as a perfect counter to Roja from TDP from Chittoor. And the area Chittoor is also a strong place for YSRCP cadre. All the women MLAs in TDP are not at all fit to fight with Roja for her gut level. Mohan Babu & Manchu Lakshmi have recently met and wished TDP Supreme CBN. If the rumors are to be believed, CBN is keen on offering a ticker for Manchu Lakshmi for Chandragiri Assembly. If this happens, Lakshmi will be a nice rival for Roja in Chittoor district.

Manchu Lakshmi has become close to common people with her recent show ‘Memu Saitam’. She was rumored to be gathering contacts from politicians. Also, her father will also help her daughter to have a political career.

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