TDP to fill 5000 positions – NTR fans preferred!

Nandamuri Fans

TDP is set to fill 5000 nominated position in Andhra Pradesh. It seems that NTR fans who worked for the success of TDP and Andhra Pradesh will be giving high preference in this postings. Chandra Babu Naidu and his team decided to fill 5000 nominated positions and sources are stating that they are preferring NTR fans.

It is a fact that the main strength of TDP is the NTR’s fan set. Nandamuri fans are always with TDP and even in case of Jr NTR’s absence in 2014 elections, several Nandamuri fans under the leadership of Balakrishna came out to support TDP.

Looks like, the time has come for TDP to show their support to the Nandamuri fans. As a part of this, few media sources mentioned that TDP is considering the fans of NTR who worked for the benefit of the state and the party will be given those 5000 positions.

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