Rating: 1.35/5

Critic Rating: (1.35/5)

The film ‘Target’ with Mumaith Khan in lead role has arrived today. Let us see how far it appealed to crowds.  


Mandakini (Mumaith Khan) is a popular novel writer who is suspected to be a murderer of a renowned boxer. Police cops start their investigation and an ACP named Rahul gets hospitalized in a suspected road accident as soon as he starts investigation. Then the case goes to the hands of another cop Bose (Siva Balaji).

He seriously gets into the investigation part and starts interrogating Mandakini. Neither lie detector nor any other method proves her to be convict. But still Bose suspects her. He tries to unearth the connection between ‘marma kala’ and Mandakini as the boxer gets killed with spinal fracture which proves to be the result of marmakala in postmortem.

Finally who is Mandakini? Is she the real killer? If yes, why does she do that? That entire episode has to be watched on screen.

Siva Balaji looked soft and tender and didn’t suit well to Cop’s role. Mumaith Khan is ok in her lead character. Shradhdha Das appeared with unnecessary skin show and nothing more to say about her.

Vijaya Ranga Raju tried to spill humor by continuously sticking on to the News Paper but that could have done better. Venu Madhav as lodge owner also sounded monotonous. Krishna Bhagawan’s puns and quick satires also didn’t gel well. Kondavalasa also failed to bring laughs. Jeeva’s IBIBI insurance episode is also fragile.

Music is below average but the song ‘Tum Ko Dil Diya analanundaya…’ is catchy although sounds to on beaten track.

Director would have worked well in bringing depth in narration by using technical expertise.

It’s freely made on the lines of 1992 release ‘Basic Instinct’. The story line and narration are adopted from that but the attempt to bring this to nativity spoiled the dish. Humor elements are very weak. Although a few characters are induced to bring laughter they couldn’t do up to the mark due to problems with dialogue and script.

On a whole, it’s a film that has come out with Mumaith Khan in lead role. The collections are meager and the content in the flick is also weak. The only best part of the movie is its length. The interval banged within 55 minutes and the rest also was narrated quickly.


Technical numbness and obsolete line made the film a poor treat. It’s a typical story line with revenge drama and nothing more.

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