Tarak Unhappy On NTR Birth Anniversary

May 28th marks the birth anniversary of Sr NTR. Today is his 97th birth anniversary and like every year, the family members of Sr NTR reached NTR Ghat to offer their prayers to the senior actor. Jr NTR, Kalyan Ram and a few others who went to NTR ghat this morning were shocked to see NTR Ghat without any decoration.

NTR Unhappy
NTR Unhappy

Every year, the ghat will be decorated beautifully with flowers but this year, there was no such sight. Having disappointed with the same, Jr NTR immediately insisted on his people to get flowers. Upon getting them, Tarak himself took time to decorate the entire ghat with flowers. Later, he offered his prayers and sat there for a few minutes.

While leaving the place, NTR shared his feelings and added that he will take the responsibility of conducting the birth anniversary celebrations from next year.

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