Tara Chowdary stirs up another controversy

A few months ago, Tollywood actress Tara Chowdary created a sensation in Tollywood by releasing some audio tapes and making some controversial comments on the celebrities.

Tara Chowdary Filed a Case
Tara Chowdary Filed a Case

But now, the actress again made it into the headlines. Digging deep into the story, the 31-year-old actress is a good friend of Sujatha. As per the reports, Sujatha asked Tara Chowdary to marry her brother Chava Raj Kumar. But as Rajkumar is already married, Tara Chowdary rejected it. Sujatha tried to convince that her brother is going to get divorced soon. But Tara Choudhary did not accept to tie the knot with him. She even changed her house to Vijayawada. But Rajkumar followed her to Vijayawada and started claiming that he is the husband of Tara Chowdary to the neighbors. With nothing else to do, Tara Chaudhary has accepted to marry him.

But now, Rajkumar is keeping her away and is trying to avoid the marriage. As he is not picking up her phone calls, Tara Chaudhary has registered a police complaint on him. The police are currently investigating this case.

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