Tapsee’s bold statement shocked youngsters!!

Young and talented heroine Tapsee, came up with a statement that she is smoking 100 cigarettes per day! This aspect turned out to be a shock to all the youngsters. There is no news that this beauty has been selected for a bold venture where she needs to smoke 100 cigarettes. Then, “How come Tapsee is smoking these many cigarettes?” turned out to be a curious point.


She got several messages in the social media with the same question. Finally, Tapsi gave clarity to the people saying that she is being affected to the peak by the air pollution due to Mumbai traffic. She filled the gap saying that Mumbai traffic air pollution is equivalent to 100 cigarettes smoking. Tapsi finally stated that as she is being affected to the peak by traffic, it is equivalent to smoking of 100 cigarettes per day!

This bold statement turned the Indian film fans attention for a second towards Tapsi. Her explanation got appreciation from the people as she said a fact. With this statement, Tapsi got enough publicity apart from revealing the fact that Mumbai traffic is degrading the life span of the people.

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