Tapsee is asking God to forgive her for murdering this person

Tapsee Murder Rapist

The recent interview of the rapist who was caught in the Nirbhaya case, few years back, came in the media. This rapist is still confident that his act was not wrong and he did the right one. On this several people and celebrities commented in their social media accounts.

Majority of the people questioned the government on why he is still in jail. Tapsee fired on this rapist in her own way. She asked God to forgive her for one single murder. She stated that, after reading the interview, she felt like murdering this person.

Majority of the people too felt the same. Tapsee further questioned the use of putting him still in jail. There is no realization for this rapist and what is the real use of putting him still in jail. We have to see how government reacts.

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