Tanu weds Manu Review

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It is

A mixture of sentiment and romance with minor comical bits.


This movie like every other Anand Rai’s (director) cinemas starts off with an NRI doctor Manu (Madhavan) visiting his hometown to find bride for him. Tanu (Kangna Ranaut) is Kanpur based girl who always follow a single mantra of breaking every rule set and tries to be rebel all the time. However incidentally he happens to fall in love with Tanu who firstly rejects marriage with Manu and later on takes his help only to run away with her hooligan boyfriend.


The sweet lovable doctor role played by Madhavan will be to the likes of public and precisely fits into the shoes of being a good NRI. The director use of clothes, backdrop and character artists have kept the movie close to reality rather than taking public through a fantasy world.


The pace at which story is narrated has been more like bullock cart ride and also there is no chemistry between Madhavan and Kangna which has left the movie short of making it romantic comedy.

The only comic bits were between Madhavan and Deepak who plays the role of Madhavan’s friend in the movie.


Audience can watch the movie purely for the scenes including Madhavan and Deepak who have done their best performance compared to other actors. All others like Jimmy Shergill and Ravi Kishen have been wasted out both by performance and the characters they were assigned.

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