Tammana used her navel to dominate Mahesh!


Sexy beauty Tamanna Bhatia is now using her most powerful asset against Prince Mahesh Babu. It is known that this beauty and Mahesh look quite alluring on the screen. It is in fact tough for Tamanna to beat Mahesh’s glamour on the silver screen.

To make audience target her, Tamanna decided to go for navel feast for the audience. She exposed her navel most of the times in the posters and this focuses the fact that she is trying to turn audience towards her side with her sexy assets. Sources further stated that this beauty is targeting songs to attract audience.

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Tamanna’s pics in the recent posters focused a fact that she is looking quite beautiful in her new avatars. Her exposing levels too were increased and the glamour fight between Tamanna and Mahesh may entertain audience to peak level. Get ready for the feast folks!

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