Tamilnadu High Court Blasts over Kollywood Filmmakers

Tamil Nadu high court recently passed an order that not only made Tamil filmmakers upset but also confused.

The High Court of Tamil Nadu in the past made a law giving tax exemption to movies to Tamil movies that are titled in local language Tamil.

Tamil Nadu High Court warns Kollywood Film Makers
Tamil Nadu High Court warns Kollywood Film Makers

Taking advantage of this, many Tamil filmmakers made films with Tamil titles and gained the tax exemption. Many claimed that filmmakers are titling their films in Tamil, just to gain the exemption, defending this the producers and directors said that such titles were chosen because to show their respect towards mother tongue.

While this controversy was going on a petition was filed by a local lawyer regarding this issue in the Tamil Nadu High Court.

High Court, after receiving this petition came up with a committee to look into this issue. After the committee studied this issue deeply, made a report and submitted it to the High Court.

As per the reports proceedings few filmmakers really to a good lot of advantage by tilting their films in Tamil. Agreeing with the Committee, High Court gave a serious warning to the filmmakers over the misuse of law.

Further, High Court ordered that from now onwards no Tamil Film shall get any tax exemption even though it is titled in Tamil. Film’s that gained a clean U certificate are only eligible for tax exemption, said High Court.

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