Tamil comedian’s controversial tweets

Popular Tamil Comedian in Tamil Industry Vivek has made some shocking tweets which remained controversial. Now, these tweets are getting trolled on the internet.

Comedian Vivek Tweets
Comedian Vivek Tweets

Comedian Vivek has faded out recently with the entrance of new comedians. He was famous in Telugu with his dubbing movies. He was cast in Shankar movies regularly. As he got no movies now, he is taking his time to concentrate on news and politics. He is using his twitter to convey his views on everything. After his series of tweets regarding Jallikattu, he tweeted something surprising. He stated that the youth are ready to hold weapons nowadays. Those weapons are not dangerous but knives and agriculture utilities. He went further and asked the youth to cut the grass in paddy fields.

Now, these tweets are getting trolled by Tamil youth all over. Some are making memes on Live on social networking sites.

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