Tamil Comedian Prabhu Passed Away

Tamil actor Kulla Prabhu (52), who had acted in a number of films alongside star comedian Vadivelu, has passed away the other day. He was survived with his wife and two sons.

Tamil Comedian Kulla Prabhu Died
Tamil Comedian Kulla Prabhu Died

It is said that Prabhu had been suffering from Thyroid for a long time. He passed away at his house the other morning. His wife Shobha was inconsolable after his demise.

Shobha pleaded that South Indian Movie Artists Association must help her children as their financial position was very weak. She said that Prabhu had been a member of the association for 22 years, but he didn’t get anything in return.

She pointed out that film chances for Prabhu dried up of late, and the financial pressure took a toll on his health.

Rest in Peace.

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