Tamil cinema dialogues – A blast from the past

Tamil cinema thrives on songs, action sequence and certainly dialogues. Since MGR and Sivaji’s days dialogues have been a big part of the tamil cinema. Those who have got this straight are the ones who have gone ahead to win people’s heart. That is the reason why the dialogues of some of the leading actors are so prominent and memorable.


Undoubtedly this dialogue has to be on top of the list for the heads it has turned. If you are still curious, we are referring to actor Rajini’s dialogue in the movie Baasha. “Naan Oru thadava sonna nooru thadava sonna mathiri” still evokes same response among audience until today, which is quite surprising.


We have to mention director Maniratnam, as his movies have always been marked with crisp dialogues. The Maniratnam-Kamal Haasan duo’s Nayagan was a big hit those days and it has Kamal haasan’s daughter questioning him, “Neenga nallavara kettavara” on one occasion, which happened to be an instant hit among audience and most memorable dialogue till date.

Comedy actor Santhanam has been having a go with every other film featuring him lately. In the movie “Boss engira bhaskaran” Santhanam repeatedly says the dialogue “Nanban da” which created a laugh riot among the movie goers.

Such dialogues however are becoming a rarity in the present; hope the artist’s will quench the thirst of the movie buffs.

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