Tamil Actor Krishna was facing torture from his wife!

In today’s world when the majority of domestic violence victims are women, abuse of men happens far more often than one would probably expect. After marrying for 14 months the well known Tamil actor, Krishna Kulasekharan 1`has filed a divorce petition in a city family court alleging of domestic violence and verbal abuse from his wife. According to the sources, it is neither a rumor nor a cheap publicity stunt. The golden couple has stunned their fans everywhere, and Krishna with his petition wants to end their 14 months of the relationship.

Tamil Actor Krishna Files Divorce
Tamil Actor Krishna Files Divorce

In his petition, Krishna mentioned that after a few days of marriage with Hema Latha Ranganathan on February 6, 2014, the duo started living in an independent house as Hemalatha had problems in adjusting to the joint family. Regardless of being a wife she was not dutiful to her responsibilities and was apprehensive and picked squabbles and made his life miserable and the despondent Krishna was unable to carry out his profession and he even was enforced to opt for outdoor shootings than to stay back at his home.

Krishna even asserted that Hemalatha tormented him for not living up to her expectations, and she had impracticable prospects. He endured the agony for 14 months to make the marriage work, but his effort was of no avail. Things turned more badly when Hemalatha imposed injuries on her and blamed Krishna of being alcoholic and domestic violence. According to the sources, she even approached the President of producer’s council contending of cruel treatment and a philanderer. In the interim, she even filed a false dowry complaint against him. On the basis of her complaints, Krishna received the summons from Social Welfare Board Coimbatore.

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