Tamil actor Bala Murali commits suicide!

Actor Bala Murali Mohan, aged 54, committed suicide yesterday on the night of June 25 at his residence in Purasawalkom, Chennai. He did so by hanging himself from the roof of his house when the house was empty.


His wife Seetha Rani had knocked on the door and had gotten no answer. Upon opening the window, she saw the distressing sight of his hanging body. The couple also have a son named Umashankar residing in the US.

Mohan did not leave a note and the reasons for his sudden suicide have left many perplexed and has shocked the industry.

The actor had acted in some films including Boys and Allithandha Vaanam. He had also performed in various television advertisements for certain products including Horlicks.

It is tragic indeed and we do not know at this point if the police will look in to Bala Murali’s death officially. Foul play is not suspected at this point though.

Our hearts go out to the family and hope they pull through this difficult and devastating time..

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