What Tamasha do Ranbir and Deepika are doing?


The ex-flames Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are back again for Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha and we all are intrigued what Tamasha are they doing? Well! We are here talking about the plot of the film and not real life Tamasha.

It is learnt that the film’s plot has been slipped off and is now leaked. According to sources, the film will see Ranbir Kapoor in the shoes of a wanderer and for him what matters is that people around him are happy. On the other hand we hear that Deepika Padukone is a crazy fan of comic series-Asterix and Obleix. They meet in Corsica, France, where the series is set. And since Ranbir-Deepika have a common liking for the comic series, they embark on a journey which follows the trail left by the cartoon.While they travel, they indulge into Tamasha and stage dramas, and end up falling in love.

Watch:Ranbir and Deepika Tamasha Leaked video

Interesting, isn’t it? Even though Ranbir and Deepika have gone their own ways and parted, they still are cordial and onscreen make a scorching pair. For their fans it is a treat!

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