Tamanna utilizing her holidays efficiently!

Tamanna Holidays

Tamanna Bhatia is now in the holidays mood. She has been working for around 6 months continuously without a break. Finally, she decided to take a break and come back with “Bahubali” in 2015. In these holidays, Tamanna is giving equal importance to her wishes as well as the society related activities.

Tamanna recently participated in Swatch Bharat campaign. She cleaned few regions of Mumbai. Ram threw the challenge to Tamanna and few other actresses. Tamanna is the one to respond to the challenge at the earliest. With this, fans are saying that Tamanna is utilizing the holidays in an efficient manner.

The upcoming cricket match too is stated to have Tamanna in a vital position in one of the teams. Glamour in the Nov 30th cricket may touch the peaks due to the introduction of these glam dolls into the cricket tournament.

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