Tamanna in red zone and Shruthi Hassan in orange!

Sexy Tollywood beauties Tamanna and South Indian mascot Shruthi Hassan are now giving lead to the freshers in Tollywood film industry. These actresses covered almost all the heroes in Tollywood and hence it will be repetition if these actresses act again with those heroes.


Adding to this, Tamanna and Shruthi Hassan came up with item bomb roles. Analysts are saying that these indications are referring to a fact that these actresses are giving chance to the freshers in Tollywood. This affect will be seen more in case of Tamanna Bhatia.

At least, Shruthi Hassan has few hits with the previous heroes and hence spectators may like to see those hit pairs again on the big screen. Tamanna has flops with all the Mega Family and Nandamuri Family heroes. Hence, spectators may not show much interest to see this beauty beside those heroes. Hence, Tamanna is in red zone and Shruthi Hassan is in orange zone!

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