In-Talk: Will Pawan start Jana Sena against TDP?

Pawan Kalyan TDP

Big parties came into picture with strong movements. KCR’s TRS looked small compared to Congress and TDP, 5 years back. But, Telangana movement made TRS the most strongest party in the region. Now, it turned tough for any other party to cross TRS in Teleagana region.

Analysts are saying that the same may happen if TDP doesn’t support Pawan Kalyan’s movement. Pawan is supporting Farmers in Thullur region and it is slowly turning into a huge movement. Both TDP and BJP may lose positions if Pawan takes the movement to the next level.

This will strengthen Jana Sena in Andhra Pradesh region. Anyways, Pawan is planning to get into power in 2019 elections. This movement may help Pawan Kalyan to get into power if TDP ignores this movement.

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