In-Talk: Vikram revealed his 10 hours work out schedule

Vikram About I Movie

Vikram lost almost 50 kgs of weight for “I” and achieving it in such a short span is a big deal. Without intense work out, one cannot achieve this sort of a feat. Vikram kept his work out under cover from the media and now he revealed it to his fans.

As per his statements, he worked for almost 10 hours per day to achieve this record. It seems that he used to work out in gym at the beginning of the day for almost 3 hours and then he used to go for cycling for 15 kms.

Soon after cycling, he used to come back to home and used to work for almost 3 hours to maintain the fitness. Taking just the fluids and working out in this manner, made Vikram a 56kgs person. It seems that he planned to reach 50kgs but doctors warned him of health issues.

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